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The information on this page refers to a previous skydiving event. Call 800-644-7382 for information about upcoming dates for Skydive Antactica.

Special Antarctica Tandem Jumps

Incredible Adventures is offering a rare, last-minute opportunity to make a truly epic skydive over the Ellsworth Mountains of Antarctica.

No prior skydiving experience is required.

In December, members of our elite Everest Skydive Team will be heading to Antarctica to oversee this exclusive freefall event. You can join them and make a tandem jump onto Union Glacier.

The multi-day polar expedition begins and ends in Chile and includes several days of arctic exploration from a special base camp on the ice. Participants will sleep in special clamshell tents, warmed by the Arctic’s 24-hour sunshine.

Pricing TBD and includes tandem jump, expedition services and accommodations on the Glacier. (Airfare to Chile and accommodations in Chile are not included.)


    • Arrival Day – Punta Arenas, Chile**
    • Briefing & Luggage Check Day
    • Adventure Day 1: Fly to Antarctica
    • Adventure Days 2-6: Explore Union Glacier / Flexible Jump Days
    • Day 7: Return to Chile
    • Day 8: Explore Chile or Return Home**

**Plan to arrive at least two full days prior to your scheduled Antarctica flight, to allow for potential travel delays. We recommend purchasing a flexible return ticket, or booking your return for a week after the scheduled completion of your adventure, to guard against potential weather delays. Keep in mind we can only fly to and from Antarctica and complete skydives when weather conditions are optimal.

Contact Skydive High/Incredible Adventures for complete information.

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