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2023 HALO Jump Brochure

What is a HALO Jump?
A HALO jump (also know as MFF, Military Free Fall) is a military-style High Altitude, Low Open parachute jump, intended to get troops on the ground quickly and undetected. Jumpers exit at high-altitude and freefall toward earth at incredible speeds, waiting as long as possible to open their chutes. This minimizes the amount of time parachutes can be spotted by the enemy, gets soldiers to their target quickly, and allows the jump plane to fly high and beyond the range of surface-to-air missiles. (A second technique known as HAHO (High Altitude, High Open) is also used and we offer HAHO jumps also).

Why do civilians make HALO Jumps?
For the excitement! HALO jumps provide twice the amount of freefall time as a standard parachute jump. For many, this time before a chute opens is the best part of skydiving. While thousands have made traditional skydives, very few civilians have experienced the intensity of a military-style HALO jump.

Do I need to be an experienced skydiver to make a HALO jump?
No. Incredible Adventures offers special tandem HALO-style skydives so no prior jump experience is required. (To make a solo HALO jump, you must be an experienced skydiver with at least 200 verified jumps. The cost to solo jump is $2000, without video.

How long is the freefall in a HALO jump?
Halojumpers can expect to experience more than two full minutes of freefall. This is twice the average freefall time of a standard skydive.

How fast will I fall?
Because the air is thinner the higher up you go, halojumpers freefall toward earth at speeds topping 200 mph.

What is the jump altitude for an Incredible Adventures HALO jump?
The actual jump altitude is based on FAA approval and weather conditions, but is typically between 25,000 and 28,000 ft.

What special requirements are there for civilian HALO jumpers?
All HALO jumpers are required to be at least 18 years old and in good physical health. Tandem halo jumpers must weigh less than 225 lbs and cannot have had surgery in the last 18 months or have donated blood in the last 30 days.  Men must be clean-shaven so oxygen masks fit snugly. If you have any specific health or physical requirement questions, contact Incredible Adventures.  (Sometimes we can accommodate slightly heavier tandem jumpers. Please ask, if you are over 225.)

How much time does it take to complete a HALO jump adventure?
The training and jump can be completed in one day, as long as jump weather is optimal.  We strongly recommend having one or two additional days in your schedule to serve as “weather back-up days”.

Will I get video of my HALO jump?
You can arrange to hire a videographer to follow you in the sky and record your jump, or you can elect to shoot your own video with a supplied camera, attached to your arm.

Where do jumps take place?
We jump from a variety of skydive centers, including one near Memphis, TN.

When are HALO jumps available?
The best months for halo jumping are May through October.   Our high-altitude tandem jumps are typically scheduled on Fridays, but other weekdays may be available.  Call for date availability.

Is this safe?
No. Skydiving is inherently risky. You could die. You will be required to sign a release of liability, assuming all risks and acknowledging that no insurance is available. That said, you’ll jump with an experienced tandem master whose primary goal is to get you safely on the ground. He will be using some of the best equipment available and taking all steps possible to make your halo jumping adventure as safe as it can be.

What is the cost of a civilian HALO jump?
Pricing starts at $4500 per person and includes jump training, tandem jump, use of jump equipment, self-filmed video, photos and certificate of completion.  Add a videographer and the jump cost is $5000 US. Hotel accommodations, meals and travel to the jump location are not included.

What kind of jump plane is used?
We typically jump from a Piper Cheyenne 400LS, but sometimes utilize a specially-modified B90 King Air.  Both aircraft are approved by the FAA to carry skydivers.

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Custom jump programs can be arranged for groups or special events. Contact Incredible Adventures if you have a special jump request.

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