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Coming Soon:  Eclipse Jump 2024

April 8, 2024  – Somewhere over Arkansas

Make an incredible HAHO Jump during a rare solar eclipse.   HAHO stands for “High Altitude, High Open”.    In the military, HAHO jumps are made when an aircraft cannot fly over enemy territory without causing risk to the aircraft of jumpers.  We’re making HAHO jumps to maximize time in the air watching the eclipse.

Skydivers will exit the jump plane at approximately 26,000 ft and instantly deploy canopies.  This should provide 20 or more minutes of flight time.  Jump operations will be under the direction of our West Tennessee based HALO/HAHO team.

Price:  $25,000 per tandem / $10,000 per solo jumper

Only two tandem spots and two solo jumper spots are available for this special jump.  Reserve your chute today.


Contact Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382 to learn more.


Our Last Eclipse Jumps Took Place on August 21, 2017 Over Tennessee And They Were Incredible

For one day only, Incredible Adventures relocated its HALO/HAHO operations to Portland, Tennessee, a small town located 40 miles outside Nashville best known as “the strawberry capital of Tennessee”.  The town was in the “path of totality” for the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse, making it one of the best places in North America to watch the solar eclipse from the sky and from the ground.

An international group of adventurers, accompanied by a team of skydiving professionals, made a series of special high-altitude “HAHO” jumps, enjoying an incredible view of the eclipse and changing sky.  Jumpers were able to stay airborne an average of 30 minutes.

It was an incredible adventure that won’t be offered again for seven years.

“That was an EPIC EXPERIENCE!”
~Eclipse Jumper, August 21, 2017

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