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North Pole Jump  2019

Tandem & Solo Skydives at the North Pole with the Incredible Everest Skydive Team


  • Tandem & Solo Jumps with the Everest Skydive Team
  • Travel to the land of polar bears and reindeer
  • Experience breathtaking views from the sky of the icy terrain below
  • Join a team of elite adventurers
  • Visit an arctic research facility and meet the intrepid scientists
  • Stand on the North Pole and journey around the world in a single minute
  • Dare to dive into an Ice Hole
  • Experience 24 hour daylight.

The North Pole isn’t for tourists. It’s a place for explorers. Only about 200 people visit the North Pole each year and half are military. Many of the remaining who visit are scientists, studying the ice caps that may someday cease to exist.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to go where few have ever gone. Visit a place so remote, it doesn’t lie in any time zone.

“It’s the closest you can get to outer space, and it’s actually easy to get to.” – Tom Noonan (bio), North Pole Skydiver and Jump Organizer

Travel to the Top of the World – Skydive Onto the North Pole

When: April 2019 (4 or up to 8 days, depending on  weather conditions at the pole)

What: Tandem and Solo Skydives

Where: Jumps take place directly at the North Pole from Ice Camp “Barneo”, Spitsbergen, Norway

Cost: $77,000 for Tandem Jumpers | $37,000 for solo Jumpers

Add a Second Jump: $20,000

Add Videographer: $40,000

If you’d like to be part of “North Pole Jump 2018”, call 800-644-7382 or send an email.

Sample Itinerary

April 1: Arrive in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen. Transportation to your chosen hotel. Time to rest or explore.

April 2: Rest and adjust to the environment. Evening meeting with jump tea. Receive your flight gear (flight suit and helmet) and initial briefing.

April 3:
8 am: Depart for airport. Board IL-76 for two-hour flight to jump location.
9 am: Wheels up. Gear adjustment and final jump briefing during flight.
11 am: Jumpers begin exiting aircraft.
Noon: Welcome to the North Pole. Tea, coffee and exploring.
1 pm: Optional add-on jumps from a Mil-8 Helicopter begin.
3 pm+ Fly to Ice Base Barneo. Overnight.

April 4:
10 am: Flights from Ice Base Barneo back to Longyearbyen begin.

April 5-8: Recommended weather back-up dates.

About Ice Camp Barneo

Due to the shifting arctic ice, the private Russian camp must be rebuilt, from the ice up, every year. Constructing the camp is a logistical feat involving the use of IL-76, AN-74 and Mil-8 aircraft.

The first “luxury ice camp” near the North Pole was created in 2002, by aviation
economist Irina Orlova and her late husband Alexander Orlov, a polar pilot. Orlova continues to oversee the camp today.

The camp’s name is a play on Borneo, a lush tropical island in the Pacific.

Changes to the polar ice caps make the future of Barneo Ice camp uncertain. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to Skydive the North Pole and visit Ice Camp Barneo.

About Longyearbyen, The World’s Most Northern City

Your 2018 North Pole Skydiving Adventure begins and ends in the town of Longyearbyen, a coal mining town founded by an American on the island of Spitsbergen, one of Norway’s Svalbard Islands.

The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, halfway between Norway and the North Pole and are home to about 3000 polar bears. You can fly directly into the airport on Spitsbergen but you may wish to fly into Oslo first, and then continue on to Longyearbyen aboard SAS Airlines.

Friendly reindeer are known to wander the streets of Longyearbyen. The town of about 2000 offers several hotel options for North Pole skydivers and has a variety fo restaurants.


What aircraft will be used for the North Pole Skydives?
You’ll take off from the airport on Spitsbergen in a Russian Iluyshin IL-76 and make a rear-exit from the aircraft over the geographical North Pole. If you elect in advance to make a second jump onto the ice cap, you’ll then skydive from a Russian Mil Mi-8 helicopter. (In the event the IL-76 cannot fly,  jumps will be made from an Antonov AN-26.)

Do I need prior skydiving experience to skydive at the North Pole?
No. No prior skydiving experience is required to jump tandem with one of our experienced crew members.

I am an experienced skydiver. Can I jump solo?
Yes you can, however to jump solo at the North Pole, you must be extremely experienced and hold an FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) category “D” license.

What is included in the cost?
Transportation from Spitsbergen to jump location, jump services, air transfer from North Pole to to Ice Camp Barneo, one night lodging and meals at Barneo,
return flight to Spitsbergen, selfcaptured video, guide, support services
and jump souvenirs.

What is NOT included in the cost?
Air transportation to and from Norway, any necessary lodging and meals in
Longyearbyen or Oslo, trip insurance, optional gratuities.

North Pole Jump Brochure

Ice Camp Barneo Video (in Russian)

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