HAHO Jumps

What is a HAHO jump?

HAHO stands for high altitude, high open. A HAHO jump is a special type of military-style parachute jump performed when an aircraft is unable to fly above enemy skies without creating a threat to jumpers or the plane. Jumpers exit at high altitude, quickly pull chutes, and fly under canopy to the designated target. Experienced HAHO jumpers can travel 30 or more miles by parachute. Deploying chutes high also helps keep the sound of chutes deploying from being heard below.

What makes a HAHO jump special?
When you make a traditional skydive, the experience is quickly over but a HAHO skydive can last up to 20 minutes. Chutes open quickly, so you’ll avoid the experience of flying toward earth at 200 mph and get straight to the indescribable sensation of floating on air, while you soak in the amazing view all around you.

Do I need to be an experienced skydiver to make a HAHO jump?
No. Incredible Adventures offers special tandem HAHO skydives so no prior jump experience is required.

How long will I fly under canopy?
The total time under canopy varies but you could spend 20 or more minutes in the air. The actual time is based on your comfort level and wind conditions.

How long is the freefall in a HAHO jump?
There is very little freefall in a HAHO jump, because chutes are opened 10 to 15 seconds after exiting the jump plane.

What is the jump altitude for an Incredible Adventures HAHO jump?
We use aircraft capable of carrying jumpers to an altitude of 28,000 feet.  By comparison, the typical altitude for a traditional jump is about 13,000 feet. At 28,000 feet, supplemental oxygen is required and the outside air temperature can easily be 30 below zero. (The actual jump altitude is based on FAA approval and weather conditions.)

What special requirements are there for civilian HAHO jumpers?
All HAHO jumpers are required to be at least 18 years old and in good physical health. Tandem haho jumpers must weigh less than 240 lbs and cannot have had surgery in the last 18 months or have donated blood in the last 30 days. If you have any specific health or physical requirement questions, contact Incredible Adventures.

How much time does it take to complete a HAHO jump adventure?
Ideally, you should have three days available for your program. This allows you to train on one day, jump the next, and have a weather back-up day. Sometimes it is possible to train and jump on the same day.

Will I get video of my HAHO jump?
You can arrange to hire a videographer to follow you in the sky and record your jump, or you can elect to shoot your own video with a camera, attached to your arm.

What kind of jump equipment is used?
We provide each jumper with a Gentex HGU 55/P ballistic helmet, the same lightweight helmet worn by US Air Force F-15 and F-16 pilots to provide protection during high-G missions, and Gentex MBU 12 military grade oxygen masks. Civilian haho jumpers are also provided with tactical goggles, an Airox VIII O2 regulator, Twin 53 or Twin 22 bailout bottle assemblies, flight suit, gloves, and high altitude altimeters.

Where do jumps take place?
We jump from various locations, including an airport near Memphis, TN.

When are HAHO jumps available?
The best months for halo jumping are April through October. Because the air temperature is cold at altitude and HAHO jumpers are in the air a long time, we recommend scheduling HAHO jumps during the warmest months.

Is this safe?
No. Skydiving is inherently risky. You could die. You will be required to sign a release of liability, assuming all risks and acknowledging that no insurance is available. That said, you’ll jump with an experienced tandem master whose primary goal is to get you safely on the ground. He will be using some of the best equipment available and taking all steps possible to make your haho jumping adventure as safe as it can be.

What is the cost of a civilian HAHO jump?
Pricing starts at $4500 per person and includes jump training, tandem jump, use of jump equipment, self-filmed video, photos and certificate of completion. With a designated videographer, the cost is $5000. Hotel accommodations, meals and travel to the jump location are not included.

What kind of jump plane is used?
We typically jump from a specially-modified B90 King Air, approved by the FAA to carry skydivers.

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