Skydive High is a division of Incredible Adventures, an international adventure company based in Sarasota, Florida. Incredible Adventures was founded in 1993 and offers a variety of air and space adventures, including MiG fighter jet flights over Russia, zero-gravity flights in Florida and aerobatic training in California.

The company’s extreme skydives are under the direction of some of the sport’s top skydiving professionals.


Our HALO and HAHO operations are supported by USPA licensed Instructors and Tandem Masters trained by former Special Operations operatives in military freefall operations and procedures.

Team Leader and Military Freefall (MMF) Jumpmaster Kevin Holbrook is a former U.S. Army Special Forces officer who currently trains NATO forces, as well as private contractors and US Citizens, in Military Freefall techniques.

Our Military Freefall team currently holds 26 World, National and State high altitude records, at or above 30,000 feet.


Our Everest ,  Pokhara, Egypt, Antarctica and custom jumps are overseen by Tom Noonan, a professional skydiving instructor heavily involved in both civilian and military tandem equipment design, and test jumping. (He’s skydiving’s equivalent of a Top Gun test pilot.) Tom also helps to create custom skydiving jump adventures around the globe.

He has made more than 4000 skydives and is a USPA Tandem Instructor-Examiner, USPA AFF Instructor and USPA Instructor Examiner Rating Course (IERC) Director. Tom Noonan also holds an FAA Senior Rigger certification and is a USPA Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA). He has been a key member of the Skydive Everest team since the program’s launch in 2008.  Tom is supported by an incredible team of skydiving professionals.


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