Florida Freefall

The information on this page refers to a previous skydiving event.  No future Florida Freefall Adventures are planned but you can take a ferry from Florida and participate in one of our special skydiving events in the Bahamas.  Call 800-644-7382 for details.


Skydive High over Florida with Skydive Everest’s Tom Noonan.  Make a dramatic Hollywood-style rear exit from 20,000+ feet, wearing the same high-tech oxygen equipment worn by Everest Skydivers.

Skydivers will be fitted with specialized TopOut Aero oxygen equipment, designed by two members of the elite Everest Skydive team, for use by the military, elite mountain rescue teams and adventurers.

No prior skydiving experience is required. All jumps in DeLand with Tom Noonan and his team will be tandem jumps.

Date:     March 2018 – Call for Specific Dates

Location:     DeLand, Florida

Time:    Several Jump Times Available

Cost:     $1750 per person, per jump

DeLand, Florida is located roughly 35 miles north of Orlando and 25 miles west of Daytona Beach.

For more information, email or call 800-644-7382.



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